Success with Paramount Starts Here

The first step to a successful Vendor Partner relationship with Paramount Financial is to install finance banners and/or pages.

“I was initially resistant to installing a finance banner to our website as I am just not tech savvy. The process was far easier than I could ever have imagined and we completed the install in minutes!”

“Partnering with Paramount is like adding experienced sales professionals to your very own sales team. PFS Agents are an invaluable part of our sales process.”

Let’s walk through your options…

We have a variety of banners and finance pages to fit the needs of each business. Read a little about each banner type, then click to view your options. You can use just one type or mix and match. If you need help, please give us a call. We have a whole marketing team that would love the opportunity to help you implement this effective sales & marketing strategy.

Traditional Banners

Display these banners anywhere customers can view equipment information. Only one banner is necessary at a time, but we recommend banners be placed in the header, footer, and fixed side-bars throughout your site for optimal coverage.

Payments as Low as Banners

Display these banners next to specific equipment where the cost tends to be prohibitive. “As Low As” banners help sell the low monthly payment, instead of the total cost of equipment – creating an appeal to affordability.

Rental Program Banners

Paramount’s Rental Program is an excellent way to maintain control of a customer during the complete lifecycle of the equipment. If your strategy is to upgrade customers into new equipment every 2-4 years or sell consumables that relate to the equipment, our Rental Program may be a good fit.

Promotional Offer Banners

There is nothing more compelling to a prospective buyer than promotional financing. Click here to see if you qualify for this program.

Whole Page Banners

Our most successful Vendor Partners create a “Get Financing” page on their web site. These Whole Page Banners are designed to display like web pages and should be visible as a tab in your website’s menu. This is an easy way to provide all of the financing information your client needs to quickly make an informed decision and apply online.

Use Your Own Image For Banners

Although most vendors use one of our pre-designed banners, we recognize that you may have the ability or desire to create your own. This is not a problem! Simply click the Custom Banner option and upload your image, or describe what you’re looking for in the space provided below.