Placing Your Whole Page Banners

The link below is designed to serve as a page on your website. When placed it will display as a full-page image.

Please do not hesitate to contact our Vendor Marketing team if you have any questions.


  1. Log into your website and copy and paste line of code (found below in the “CODE” box) onto a blank page of your website (label page Financing or Get Financing).
    If you need guidance with the suggested placement or installation , please contact your Paramount Agent or our Vendor Service Team. When line of code is placed, the page image (shown below) will automatically display and will also be linked to your custom credit application.
  2. Notify your Paramount Agent when installed.
    We will test your link to ensure everything is working properly.

Will someone else on your team be installing and/or selecting banners for your website? If someone else is doing this install please provide us their contact information. We will forward on your banner selections, codes and installation instructions, then followup to answer any questions and ensure the banners are working properly.

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