Miracle League



Miracle League

Paramount employees (and family) participated in a recent tournament with Miracle League of Arizona.

About Miracle League:

With the support of many community partners, the Miracle League of Arizona is able to offer a safe and successful baseball experience for children, teens and adults with disabilities or special health care needs. Our players start at the age of four and go up into adulthood. There are different teams for the various ages and skill levels, with even a competitive league for players who want to put their knowledge of the game and their baseball skills into practice.

In addition to an accessible field and stadium, we have constructed an adaptive playground, picnic area and batting cages on site to enhance the family experience. The stadium includes accessible restrooms and three caregiver restrooms, complete with showers. We see these accommodations necessary to we can get to the business of playing baseball.

The real key to the success of the Miracle League of Arizona is our family of volunteers. Our coaches and ‘buddies’ (one-on-one helpers and friends) help and provide safety and structure to the game, but most importantly they provide friendship and encouragement. Our ‘buddies’ provide individualized support for each player to allow the athlete to do as much as they can on their own, and then are there to assist where needed to complete a successful and fun baseball experience. For some players it’s hand over hand help, whereas for others it’s simply high fives and words of encouragement. That personalized attention leads to confidence and a changed life.

We try to eliminate the barriers that prevent players from playing ball, to do away with stigmas, to replace isolation with inclusion, and to wash away discouragement with the power of friendship. Miracles really do happen every week at the Miracle League of Arizona.

Learn more at:  mlaz.org