Paramount Supports JA Biz Town Event



Paramount Supports JA Biz Town Event

ja-biztownAs a longtime supporter and contributor to the growth of small business, Paramount Financial recently took part in support of a local Phoenix Junior Achievement Biz Town event. The JA Biz Town events are held for 4th, 5th, and 6th graders to teach students economic concepts, workplace skills, and personal/business finances in a student-sized town built just for them. The Biz Town experience leaves students with real world applications that include how to work with others in a corporate setting, managing personal and business finances and expenses, business strategies, and business interaction within a community. One of the best things students get to experience is just how complex a small business can be, and how every business in a community plays a vital role. One of the most interesting things in Biz Town is that, just like in real life, a business does not begin to function without working capital. In Biz Town simulations, every business starts with a trip to the bank with a loan application to start daily operations. As business and the community interacts, the challenge of every entity is to create sales, produce profit, pay bills, and pay off the loan from the bank! And just like real business, students get to experience what can be described as daily, organized chaos in running a real life business.

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